Atlas CRO provides customers quality services in Turkey since 2002 with more than 150 employees.

Atlas CRO quality department have prepared and constituted the SOPs in compliance with ICH/GCP.

This SOPs evaluated in every year and updated if necessary by quality department.

Current Atlas CRO SOPs are:

  1. Administrative SOPs
  2. Business Development SOPs
  3. Clinical Operations SOPs
  4. Human Resources SOPs
  5. IT SOPs
  6. Legal SOPs
  7. Quality Assurance SOPs
  8. Regulatory Affairs SOPs
  9. Site Management Organization SOPs
  10. Training SOPs

All the personnels are trained according to ICH/GCP and local regulations in the beginning of theiremployment. Also they need to keep attending totrainings in specific time basis determined bylocal regulations and the firms SOP during their employment.These trainings are documented in personnels education files as mentioned as in the SOP.

Our Priorities,

  1. Ensuring patient safety
  2. Strong communications
  3. Producing solution
  4. Adhere to legislations and guidelines